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Information collected

We collect the following information:

Technical details in connection with visits to this website are logged for statistical purposes. The technical details logged include:

This technical information will be used only by us for statistical purposes or other administrative purposes.

Nuisance users

Our first line of defence against nuisance users is to delete the content and to ban the user. Nuisance actions include adding potentially defamatory material, surreptitious advertising, or any other actions which breach the Terms of Use and any content deemed offensive by the administrators or moderators.

Where a nuisance user persists, we reserve the right to use email addresses and IP addresses to identify the user and halt the nuisance.

Information that you publish

Any information which you publish on the site will be available worldwide to anyone with access to the website. You grant us a royalty-free licence to use any content that you publish.

Do not publish any information you are not happy to leave up indefinitely. It is against the terms of use of this site to publish the home address, telephone number or email address of yourself or any other individual. It is recommended that you do not publish anything that may lead someone to identify you if this is something you are uncomfortable with.

Data removal requests

If your personal information was published on this site and you would like us to remove it, email us at privacy@exdpic.com


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